mobile hospitality NWW edition at Saloni del mobile

As a part of the “Austrian Design Details” exhibition at this years Saloni del Mobile in Milan and in a cooperation with NWW we are presenting a special edition of the mobile hospitality project. The exposition of 55 austrian companies, carpenteries and designers will take place in Salone di Tessuti. We will be happy to to see you there.
We are presenting a special cooking project, a food contribution to memphis.   3d printed forms for little sweet deserts will be composed into colourful landscape of imaginary city.10th of April : 7 pm – 9 pm, Austrian Business

11th of April : 8 pm – 12pm, Austrian Design Party

dates: 09.04- 14.04.2013
location: Salone di Tessuti, Via San Gregorio 29, Milan

mobile_hospitality_milan_01 mobile_hospitality_milan_012 mobile_hospitality_milan_013mobile_hospitality_in_Milan_chmara_rosinke_04 mobile_hospitality_in_Milan_chmara_rosinke_03 mobile_hospitality_in_Milan_chmara_rosinke_06 mobile_hospitality_in_Milan_chmara_rosinke_20 575853_10151362288140869_661943031_n mobile_hospitality_in_Milan_chmara_rosinke_05

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